Advanced mapping solution through 3D Mobile LiDAR Surveying, UAV / Drone Mapping & Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Technology

3D Mobile LiDAR is an advanced mapping solution that incorporates the most advanced LiDAR sensors, cameras and position/navigation/GPS receivers to collect survey grade 3D point cloud data quickly and accurately.

Mobile mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data from a mobile vehicle, typically fitted with a LiDAR remote sensing systems. Such systems are composed of an integrated array of time synchronised navigation sensors (survey grade DGPS) and imaging sensors mounted on a mobile platform.

For UAV / Drone:

We have partnered with a professional agency in India, specialized in UAV / Drone Survey data capture and processing to produce a ground accuracy upto 5 cm in horizontal and vertical. This technology can be used to supplement the Mobile LiDAR data output in case of urban mapping projects, or highways projects having proposed bypass roads. This is also ideal for carrying out Topographic Survey of any land where speed and accuracy is of priority, with the rates comparable to primitive Electronic Total Station (ETS) method of survey.

For GPR:

We use, a four wheeler vehicle which is mounted with high frequency (2 GHz) horn antennas to measure the pavement thickness accurately up to 2 mm for the depth of about 0.7 m and the low frequency (400 - 900 MHz) antennas are used to study the underground utilities up to about 2 m depth. A GPS and video camera is also connected to this system which gives the position & location details accurately.