Air transport is the fastest of all transport systems. Nowadays, it plays an important role in the development of a country. To facilitate rapid movement of goods and passengers, all important cities of a nation are connected by air.

When it is felt necessary to establish an airport or expand an existing airport in a particular city or region, the availability of required area is the main consideration. An airport complex requires a large area which has to accommodate a terminal building, runway, taxi way, apron, hangar, etc.

A preliminary & detailed high speed, precise Land survey is required in order to prepare a working map of the area. This map should show the existing details of objects such as buildings, roads, railways, rivers, ponds, etc. The nature of the ground surface has to be illustrated in a contour map prepared separately for the design & estimate purpose of new structures.

We at "Prashant Surveys" use the combined technology of 3D Mobile LiDAR & UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) / drone for preparing the 3d base map of the airport land up to the accuracy of +/- 5 cms. By this technology we are able to capture and generate 3D point cloud data sets and photographs, at high speed, which are the basic inputs to the 3D modeling software. The data capture of the existing airports can be done in few hours, without the need for closure of the runways for long duration to carry out the land survey, which is otherwise required in primitive methods of surveys.

The drawings and data sets thus generated are to generally to the scale of 1:500 or 1:1,000 which is sufficient for the complete development or expansion of airport of any size.