Cadastral & Land Plan Surveys along the existing Highways or Railways are required to know the extent of road side land or the corridor, general known as ROW (Right Of Way) which is owned by the Government or the Department. After preparation of Land Plans using accurate techniques, the encroachment within the ROW can be known. In case of widening of the existing highways and railway tracks, after knowing the existing extent of land width, the proposed land acquisition proposals and utility shifting estimates can be prepared, which are highly important components in the widening/up gradation projects.

"Prashant Surveys" uses the State of the art, 3D Mobile LiDAR Technology for carrying out Expressway / Highway & Railway Surveys. Using this advanced technology, we can survey about 300 Kms in one day, using two instruments, which covers about 150 m corridor in a single pass of the instrument.

This Leica Pegasus system gives a unique & complete Survey grade mobile mapping solution to our clients with high speed & accuracy. The system can be mounted on any four wheeler vehicle or on railways which can capture high precise data upto +/- 2 cm for about 100 Km of alignment in one day, which would have taken at least a month using primitive Electronic Total Stations (ETS) method. Prashant Surveys with "Leica Pegasus One" & "Leica Pegasus Two" has capacity of capturing data for 300 Kms per day using two instruments. The overall accuracy of the data which can be easily achieved is about +/- 2 cm.

The Pegasus system captures dense 3D point cloud data with calibrated imagery and enables processing, visualization and mapping through user-friendly software platform “Way Point Inertial Explorer, Leica Auto PP & Leica Map Factory Advanced." Further, after post processing & feature extraction of the 3D point cloud data, output in desired format like Autocad *.dwg or Arc GIS *.shp files can be obtained.

For inaccessible area, this technology can be assisted by the UAV/Drone surveys to generate a complete data set of the given corridor.