Mr. Shivanand A. Alatgi

Managing Director
"Prashant Surveys", Pune.

  • Survey Training from Institute at Uppal, Hyderabad, A.P. from 1972 to 1974.
  • Photogrammetric Course No. 350 from IIS & M, Hyderabad.
  • Having 48 years of experience in Land Surveying & mapping.
  • Retd. from Survey of India, M&G GDC, Pune (1972 to 1997).
  • Specializing in Land & Revenue / Cadastral Surveys using modern Survey & mapping techniques.
  • Managing Director of "Prashant Surveys" (1997 till date).

Mr. Prashant S. Alatgi

Head : Technical, R&D & Business Development "Prashant Surveys", Pune.

  • Ph.D. Research Scholar in ‘Advanced Surveying’ from MIT – WPU, Pune, India.
  • M.E. (Civil) 1st Rank MIT, Pune; 2nd Rank, University of Pune, India.
  • Certified by ISRO in "Remote Sensing & GIS" from NRSC, Hyderabad.
  • AMIE, Life member of IRC, ISRS, INCA, ISG, SAMA.
  • Certified Subsurface Utility Engineer by Engineering Council of India & IndSTT.
  • Having 21 years of experience in advanced Land Surveying & GIS technology.
  • Speaker in 12 International Conferences on Advanced Surveying technologies.
  • Specializing in advanced Land Survey techniques like 3D Mobile LiDAR, Network Survey Vehicle (NSV), UAV / Drones, DGPS, GPR, Remote Sensing & GIS technology.
  • Head : Technical, R&D & Business Development in "Prashant Surveys" (1999 till date).

Mr. Kiran S. Alatgi

Head : GIS & Marketing,
"Prashant Surveys", Pune.

  • MBA. Systems & Marketing from BITM Pune.
  • B.E. Computers from Pune University
  • 10+ years of Industry Experience as a Sr. Software Quality Consultant.
  • Experience of Working with Industry leads like Intel & Jaguar Land Rover.
  • Head: GIS & Marketing at Prashant Surveys.

Mr. D. N. Jadhav

Chief Technical Officer,
"Prashant Surveys", Pune.

  • B.A. (Hons.) Pune University, M.Sc. (Geo-informatics).
  • Surveying Supervisor Course (1972 - 1974).
  • Photogrammetry Technologist Course (560).
  • Computer Programming Course (570).
  • Having 48 years of experience in Land Surveying & mapping.
  • Retd. as Deputy Director (Class – I) from Survey of India (1972 to 2009).
  • Expert in the field of Photogrammetry, Topographical Surveying, mapping & programming in Auto Lisp.
  • Expert in adopting appropriate Land Survey techniques and solving field related problems.
  • Chief Technical Officer of "Prashant Surveys" (1999 till date).